Join me in celebrating the launch of Modernique~ A book of inspiring interiors!

The Studio


A bright and energetic group of talent, the Buckingham Interiors + Design studio and staff are located in the equally vibrant West Town neighborhood of Chicago.

Led by Julia Buckingham, the team brings her signature style, Modernique®, to life designing interiors that are interesting, warm and curated; where old and new sit comfortably near high and low and where the “rare” helps punctuate the “real” in every room

Julia Buckingham


“As a designer your sense of style comes from any number of places – where you have been, what you love, where your passions lead you. Finding your personal aesthetic is a journey. I found that my “road” crossed at the familiar and the undiscovered; at an intersection of past and present.”


“My journey has become a way of life. And that way of life has become a lifestyle- Modernique.”

Julia's Inspiration

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